Friday, January 04, 2013

Friday and the rain softened up the ground. Broke the ice on the chicken water. Anxiety is at bay right now, who knows when it will resurface.

Anxiety. My old friend. Makes me feel insane and crawly. My head explodes.

Most of the time I pretend I'm not anxious. Then all the closet doors fall off and the monsters escape.

PS. Yes, that's my beautiful Maya.


Ms. Moon said...

1. My god, she is gorgeous.
2. Anxiety is the scariest monster there is. I do think that.

janzi said...

What a fabulous smile... gorgeous.. I'm sad that you have these recurring attacks of anxiety,they are so bloody disabling, that its hard to go forward.. I do hope that somehow, each time they get a little less powerful.. over time, you might even get to lose it.. but a little caution is not a bad thing, its when it grows its own head and becomes a monster taking over the brain.. boy that is a bad place.. I do hope that you only visit there rarely.. I have found when i get black days, that going for a long walk,writing a letter, cleaning the house even.. gets my mind off its solo track... anyway, dear blogger, hugs are coming to you from across the pond.. Happy new Year to you and all of yours..Janzi

Sabine said...

She is gorgeous!

Well anxiety... I have my share of it and I think I've given up. A good woman said to me a while ago: Just wait and see, and observe yourself waiting and seeing. Don't run, don't fret.
Sounds too easy, mostly, but at least I don't fight it any longer. Also, fresh air is the best thing, and humming.
Take care, wounds can heal.

Ellena said...

Stunning and graceful Maya!!!
Just read about the earthquake. Hope you are alright.

beth coyote said...

Ms Moon-yes, she is.

janzi-thanks, and happy new year to you.

Sabine-Snow works!

Ellena-Milo's momma.