Friday, May 30, 2014

Today is the day we feed homeless kids. I think we'll have plenty of people to cook and serve and clean up. My fridge is bursting with vegetables and James and I have a run to Costco planned as soon as I get back from work. I've got clinic to do, drat, but only half a day.

The days are sunny, one after the other. I worry about my garden at my old house and think I should go water it. The strawberries are ripe and no one is picking them. The lettuce is probably bolting. Soon enough, the new owners will be walking around the yard, contemplating the plants and trees and enjoying the hummingbirds who visit the flowers. Two more weeks perhaps, and the deal will be complete and I'll have $$ from the sale to pay off two mortgages and start fixing mi casa on the greenbelt.

Jim came over yesterday and I gave him my very crude drawing of my ideas; a new kitchen with cabinets that match (!) that we'll find on Craig's list for free or at Second Use, the used building supply place, a bigger bedroom with recycled windows and tra-la, a studio place with lots of storage that opens onto a deck.

Pouring a foundation is the first thing after the demolition {{{{excitement}}}}} and expensive. And we need a permit from the city. If we don't have one, there's hell to pay, apparently.

I've begun an aerobics class down the street that my neighbor goes to. An hour of hell. In front of mirrors. Gawd. I need a bra that really straps the girls down. Otherwise, they go bouncing around like deer in the field. The instructor is a wiry gal with boundless energy and torture ideas. All to very loud gospel music. Twice a week.

I didn't know that Maya Angelou was once a cabaret singer. She wept when Obama gave her the Congressional Metal of Honor even though she said she didn't cry in public. She got a lot done.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Holly and I tried to find the trailhead for Mt Washington and as is usual for us, couldn't. We're map and trail description-impaired.  We barged up one trail and another and decided that Iron Horse Trail was just fine, thank you very much. Iron Horse is an old train bed that stretches for 18 miles up in the Cascades. It's near the highway but so high up in the mountains, cut across by many rushing streams and the wildflowers are all about and Felix the dog chased the ball so much he is having a lie down as we speak. The only other travelers we saw were   mountain bikers so we're inspired to bring our bikes next time.

It rained and the sun came out and it rained again. We talked about dancing and going to Cuba versus Cambodia, food, death, our mothers, our therapists, Buddhism and books. Always books. And the film festival.

I love Holly. She swooned when she saw a potty on the trail that was pristine. It even had toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

Coming home along the I-90 corridor, surely one of the most beautiful drives in the world, giant peaks rising up all around and snow capped and streams and waterfalls off in the distance, we saw five eagles, three adults and two juveniles playing in the high winds, tumbling and rolling in the sky above us.

Today I feel gratitude for it all.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Just sobbed my way through the third season of Call The Midwife.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I signed the papers so we're 'in contract' with the buyers. For over 7 hundred thou. Yeah! I can pay off the old mortgage, pay down the new mortgage to a miniscule amount and have $$ for the remodel, yeah!!! Can't wait to begin the tear-off, replace the sinks, redo the kitchen, rid the bathroom of some red tile and horrid floor.

Next year if I can hold out, in comes the new garden, o joy, my favorite part. Dirt under my nails, dirt in my hair and a home for the hummingbird I saw in the treetops.

It will be worth it.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Another baby yesterday, that's two in three days. This one was way outside the city but we made it. Eden and Mel are here and we were at Pike Market about to order oyster po'boys when I got the call. Whaaaaaaaa. But Rosemary had a party last night and I got there (late) but in time for a drink and Vietnamese spring rolls. So very delicious.

Today is the second open house. Apparently there were about 30 people through yesterday and four interested couples. And there is one couple who are doing a 'pre-inspection' on Monday and the woman was at the house yesterday with a measuring tape to see if her stuff would fit. Good sign.

Stay tuned. Tuesday afternoon Rose and I review offers and pick one. Lordy.

Eden and Mel are talking in my bedroom. I happily gave up my bed to them so I'm sleeping on the couch with the katz.

The Book of Mormon is coming to Seattle again and I ordered two tickets. maybe Clark will go with me. I deserve to see it again.

It's a whirlwind around here. Eden wants to do everything in four days. Not possible but we can try...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I come home and sit in my wee weird kitchen and look at the trees and feel peace. They breathe their green beauty right into me.

And I left my wallet on the seat of my car last night and IT WAS STILL THERE THIS MORNING. Is this the city where I live???

Me and and the Asian ladies, walking the ridge line in our bonnets and parasols. Oh yeah.

This child is coming to visit this week.

My old house goes on the market this weekend. Gulp. It   looks so beautiful after painting,  gardening, staging, weird wide angle photos etc.

Take a look. Thirteen years of remodeling, gardening, fussing and there you have it.

In the meantime, that house is my assurance that I can live in my new house very cheaply and even think about retirement or something.

I'm at my kitchen table watching the light fade over the mountains and the greenbelt. I love it. I do.

Oh and um, Lynn is leaving tomorrow and there are 10 ladies on the brink of delivery. Wish me luck.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Um,  I weed wacked my leg and foot. Ouch. And my washer and dryer washed and dried my clothes, unlike the previous pair. There are miracles in this world even with some interesting whipped leg/foot action. Ouch really.
Don't ask. Seven babies in six days. O and a midwifery conference Lynn organized and I spoke at. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (breathe)hahahahahahahahahahahah.

And Lynn leaves for 4 days on Wednesday and there are a lot of babies yet to appear.

My student and I are delirious. After we forgot to bring the baby scale with us to a home visit, she said, "I feel so sad..." and that was the funniest thing I had ever heard. I almost crashed the car I was laughing so hard.

Pathetic really.

I have a new bed with a new mattress that is the most comfortable and beautiful piece of furniture I have ever seen/felt/experienced etc. I want to marry my bed. Even if all I can do is lie on top with all my clothes on.

Today is mother's day so of course a mom is in labor. Lynn is at the birth and I'm in the aforementioned bed. But. There are home visits to do and today is dance day. I'm going even though I might only have the strength to lie down.

The beautiful men from Burkina Faso moved in a new ie used washer and dryer into my new basement. As they were fiddling away with plugs and hoses and the like, I got a call to a birth. Trying to explain to them that I had to leave urgently, I said, I'm a midwife, I catch babies, what do you call I midwife in your country. The taller beautiful man Isaac said "sage femme". So yay! This sage femme has gotta jet!!! and I barely made it. I think they thought I was a crazy American. We are, by the way, rushing around like we do.

Off to see a new baby, walk the dog and go to hippy dance church.

Happy Mother's Day, one and all.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

modern maternity

today she glued eyelashes on
an errant lash here and there
impossible to pay attention

force yourself

look at her look at her
not a hair on her vulva
whisked clean
as an eleven-year-old
but pregnant

her eyelashes point up
a film starlet from the 50s

she spills from her bra
a peony tattoo climbs up her leg
her eyelashes are made of mink