Friday, January 18, 2013

My dears, (written on 1/11)

I am in paradise. No. Real paradise. Mt Rainier has a lodge and a destination called Paradise. And it is beautiful, a snowy jagged place.

This current paradise is called Esalen. It's in Big Sur, California, on the edge of the ocean. Perched on the edge above cliffs and rocky coastline. The hot springs are in the cliffs and the bath house is marvelous. At night, I lie in a hot bath and have the starry heavens for entertainment. There are many pools to choose from; hot, very hot, warm, cold plunge. Heated floors in the shower room. The shower room has sliding doors so if you want an ocean view, you can open a door.

The meditation hall is tucked into a cleft beside a roaring creek. The hall is round with elevated benches and recessed lighting. I go there in the morning before breakfast.

There are vast gardens that supply the kitchen. I walk through one of the gardens to meals. And the meals are ridiculous with choices. Bounty and more bounty. Just now I came through the lodge and some of the kitchen staff are gambling with chips and Bob Marley in the background.

Over all, the sound of the ocean as she comes and goes.

I am trying to figure out how to stay here and let my brain turn to mush. It would.

Would that be so wrong?

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Mel said...

Oh no. It would not be wrong at all.