Wednesday, January 09, 2013

This morning, I though I might die but tonight I might make it. This morning I woke with a croak for a voice and a terrifying cough. After making my way through two boxes of tissue and taking several horrid tasting concoctions like 'lung health' and 'immune defense', I now know I'm not yet ready for the grim reaper.

And Maya and I are obsessively listening to The Book of Mormon and texting each other small quotes. Here is a favorite song:


Sabine said...

Not so sure if watching that cures colds but what the heck, as long as you believe.

I remember a book from the 1990s, a big seller here, about the healing power of symptoms and stuff. A bit of a joke in places, if you ask me, but a cold with all its variants simply means, according to that book: stay away from me, world, leave me alone, I need rest. Rest. Rest.

Look after yourself.

Ms. Moon said...

Mormons are hilarious.
You are beloved.

Mel said...

Hope you are still on the mend. I suck at being sick, even the littlest colds, the big ones make me want to curl up and sob.

Oh, the Book of Mormon! I bought tickets to see it in Chicago with my daughter in April. How will we ever, ever wait that long?? She has all the songs memorized already. She is one crazy 15 year old kid, just like her mom was eons ago.

beth coyote said...

Sabine-I slept for eleventy hours. I agree. Someone hacking away at the airport-I don't want to sit next to them!

Mary-Mormons are hilarious and I'm SO grateful we don't have one in the White House!

Mel-Oh honey, have fun at The Book of Mormon. Maya and I loved it.

Radish King said...

I ha e never heard of TBOM but now I want to see I I recognize that guy he is on a new network Tv show he has an insane smile the funniest smile ever! Look terrific.