Friday, January 11, 2013

I'm sitting in the San Jose airport listening to Mozart's piano concerto #23 in A and I might bust out crying. Or else I'll lift off on angelic wings.

My ears almost exploded during the landing because I'm still so congested. And I left my belt after effing security so my pants will probably fall down all week.

I'm heading to Esalen. After being sick all week, I'm well enough even if my pants fall down around my ankles. I have a plan. I brought all my bandanas for nose blowing. I'll tie them together and make a pirate-y belt. Johnny Depp would approve.

So dear ones. I'll be out of range of computer and phone for a week. I'll be on the edge of the BIG ocean off Highway One. One slightly ominous email from Esalen...uh, there are delays driving to Big Sur because a parts of Highway One fell into the ocean. That's really what the email said. "...fell into the ocean".


I brought three books. Jeanette Winterson's The World and Other Places, Bury Your Dead by Louise Penny (very Quebecois) and Going on Being by Mark Epstein. I figure I'd hit several tones, snooty murder, high-faloutin lesbian writing and a bit of Buddism/psychotherapy. And all my music. It's a miracle of technology that all the music I own is with me.

No, I didn't bring any poetry. I stand in front of my poetry section and I realize I'd have to fill a suitcase with books. Who is your favorite poet? What a stupid question.

I did my first interview for my book. Yikes. I recorded it. Now I have to transcribe it.


Mel said...

Oh, safe and fun travels. Funny, our annual trek to the mountains always involves sketchy or no internet and phone service. It's nervous making but refreshing.

A huge chunk of I40 fell off the side of the mountain outside Asheville a few years back. Had to take the long way around for a year. Now we kindof like it better. Not as scenic, but the roads and bridges are newer, hopefully not crumbling yet.

Can't wait to hear how your reading turns out. I'm stuck on self help and zombie apocalypse genre, should I be concerned? :)

Ms. Moon said...

We will miss you more than you know but every time I think of you I will be happy. Really, really happy. A peaceful place in my heart because you know, Beth, you have a place there. In my heart.
I hope you can actually get there. I understand only too well how highways can fall into the ocean. Happens around here all the damn time. And yet, we manage.
Love to you and I mean it.

Radish King said...

I'm my favorite poet but you already know how I feel about loving ours own work. The books I read the most are our own.

I went there Esalen where we all took acid and got named then later for Lifespring. Back when I was a baby hippie.

Mozart. I know you feel it too.


Radish King said...

NAKED not named. Effing kindle.

Radish King said...

You have a book coming out?????

What did I miss?

Pspsps Congratulations !

Young at Heart said...

Book?? Do tell more...........I'm dipping into a book of Rumi poems I found on my shelf.......part of my get-me-through-January list.....feel better!!