Tuesday, January 29, 2013

There are (is?) going to be eight more episodes of Call The Midwife. Be there or be square.

The real life of a midwife is not glamorous, no matter what you think. Unless you think losing sleep, whole days of sleep, wearing bodily fluids in your hair, on your watchband, on your arms (which you notice in line at the bank) and of course, all over your clothes while driving home after a 34 hour birth trying not to crash into oncoming traffic is FUN, then glamour it is.

I'm basically done with cold drippy gray etc, especially after the sunny warm California experience which only makes my current reality more painful. Yes, rain is good for plants. Got it. And moss. And trees.

Maybe I'll go down the street and get a pedicure. Having my legs rubbed while reading trashy movie star mags is a small indulgence. I'm sure it heals the limbic system.


Ms. Moon said...

I hope you got a pedicure. Jessie kept hounding me to go get one with her and I never did and she's leaving today.
Nope. Being a midwife is not glamorous. But it is quite possibly the most incredible job on the planet. It is life and all its juices. It is the most ethereal and elemental.
And you have to be strong like an ox to do it.

Radish King said...

Oooh. When does the new series start? I haven't had a pedicure since my surgery and now I am terrified of 1. anyone touching my foot and 2. unclean soaking water. Number 2. is probably pure neuroticness but how can I be sure?

A manicure would be pure heaven since my hands look like longshoreman hands.

beth coyote said...

Mary-I got a pedicure. What is it about someone lovingly bathing you feet, kind of a Christ-like experience?

RK-Longshoreman hands-hahahahahahahahha. All winter I put on lotion which I then promptly wash off. Cracked lobster hands.