Friday, June 30, 2023

Dear darllings-

First off, Clark is back from the wilds of Maine so I have my swim buddy back. I might go to a 'prom' with him tomorrow night. Any excuse to dance, I say. 

I just yelled at the dog again for getting on my bed. He will NEVER learn. Never, Just like when he drops the ball after he's retrieved it and leaves it under a tree way down yonder. And poodles are supposed to be smart. He knows I'm mad at him but he doesn't know why. Sheesh.

In a few weeks, I marry Diane. The mere thought of it makes me weepy. And I have to say words. In front of her and my immediate family. It's just too much. And she will say words back to me. How can I possibly get through it without becoming a complete puddle? After all these years. At least I won't do something stupid like wear makeup that would run down my face. 

Very warm here. The lake is delicious. 

Oh, just reminded that it's the 4th. UG. War zone time in the hood. Poor Felix and the birds and other creatures.  

I have actually written through one interview and am part-way through another. My rule-no writing homework after evening. Then I can do what I want. Lately, I'd like to do a full moon swim. Sounds fun, right? I just have to convince a few other to come with me. Yeah!

Much love always.

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

 My latest trick is to move papers from one side of my desk to the other. Then I feel that I have accomplished **something**.

I just started a book called "Elderflora: A Modern History of Ancient Trees. The author is obviously brilliant. He uses words like phytocentric and dendrochronologists and apocalypticism. In spite of this, this rather thick brick of a book is exceptional. Perhaps he can write my thesis for me. 

People, I have to get serious. I have distracted myself enough. ENOUGH. I've even lost my keys twice, the second time for real. At least we have a new midwife in the practice so I'm getting a bit of a break there. 

Tonight I will dance with my people. And all will be well. Dance=life. 

Saturday, June 10, 2023

 Ok, so I have become very creative with distracting myself from THE THESIS. Herein referred to as TT. Ug. I read some, I write some random trash, rinse, repeat. When I wrote my final paper for midwifery school, it was easy (well, pre-computer!). I would go to the medical school library, copy articles on the wheezing copy machine and come home, sit on my bed with the typewriter on my lap and type. I'd have to start over with any mistake. Sheesh. But I go it done because it was a discrete topic. This time, I'm trying to encapsulate my life experience with Buddhism, Feminism, earth chaplaincy and elder women. Gawd. Really? I'm tired already.

This elderberry is in my yard and as you can see, covered with flowers. That's all I want to say about Buddhism, green chaplaincy and elder women. Just that.