Wednesday, January 24, 2024

 Dearest friends-

I've not been here for a while. I've finished my thesis and it's been approved. Now no more whining about the damn paper any more. All my papers are written. All that left to submit is a small video my friend is making of trees and old women and their wise words. I'll post it here when it's done. I'm officially retired for 23 days...went to the office today and hung out with my pals. Was good to see them and get caught up.

I have been lying in bed til 11 or 12, then get up, go swimming, walk the dog and call it a day. Really. I think I'm terminally tired. Tonight is my dance night. Yesterday I finally went back to my beloved garden to volunteer and Monday I attended a tai chi class for the first time in forever.

A big party in February to celebrate chaplaincy, retirement and my birthday. My family will be here. The only problem is I don't want to plan it but I guess it was my idea so I better get on it. I've got about a month. 

The boys have gotten quite big and momma, are they destructive.  They wake me up at 6 Am, like toddlers. They're terrible but just look at them. I bought them a bed but they prefer the box it came in. The dog lies on the bed which is too small for him. I am so glad I got them. They make me laugh, they snuggle me when they're not pouncing on my face and fighting with each other and they're beautiful with golden eyes. 

Playing the piano more now. My studio needs some restoration. I've been writing a trashy novel. It's so much fun. How do you write about sex in a fresh and interesting way? There are LOTS of terrible descriptions, I can tell you. 

Anyway, about to go dance. And I have a silent retreat in June. For two weeks, in blessed silence. 


the way the rain follows itself

magnolia buds about to exhale

spinach sprouts

reach for the boundless sky

Much love.