Monday, August 29, 2011

I thought for sure I posted here more recently that I had...but time gets away from me when in baby land. All the babies are once again thriving, their parents are in love with them and they are also wondering what the fuck happened to their lives. They used to shave and eat regular meals and go to work and wear clothes without baby spew on them. We tell them and we tell them and they don't listen.

I think the not listening part is pure survival. If new parents really knew how seriously effed up their lives would become, they mighta used condoms, two or three condoms, many condoms.

And then there are the planned pregnancies. Ha, I had one of those. (hi Eden).

With hindsight and the fact that my kids are all grown and I didn't kill them, parenthood was the best ever. But, man, those first few months when you're dragging your ass around the apartment in curdled milk stained shirts and maternity pants because your regular pants won't come past your knees and your hair is rat's nest, it's not for sissies, I tell you. Somehow, you make it past the dreaded (((thoughts of killing, maiming, exposing in the snow the baby) thoughts and you all live happily ever after, until the teenage years, when you get to relive your own shame and humiliation through your child.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Two births back-to-back. I had time to come home, take a shower, eat three bites of my vegan mongolian beef and get back up and go on out to the next birth. Up all night. My honey is home today and she came in with breakfast at 2PM. All the cats wanted to be on the bed so they were. A few tussles ensued. Mostly, I just want to cry. Everything feels too close or tender or breakable or I don't know what. Too too.

Maybe I'm just tired.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I attended a birth recently and the momma screamed bloody murder and thrashed around and pushed out a gorgeous wee babe, just like in the movies (the ones I hate because births are always portrayed as horrid messy screamy messes...but there you have it. After the momma laughed (well, she laughed the next day when the whole thing was a bit fuzzy).

Really, the mom is beautiful her own self and we declared her a fierce goddess warrior with monster growls. Watch out.

After all that, I had to have a lie down. Damn, women are strong.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Today was our Rainier Community festival and parade. AND because we're 98118, the most diverse hood in the COUNTRY, ahem, we went down there in the heat. We heard Eretrian music and watched women dancing in their long veils. We watched the Aztec dancers with massive feathered headdresses. And several Mexican dancers from different areas of Mexico. We heard the Vietnamese national anthem and watched women dressed like flowers and butterflies swaying and gliding in circles.

Someone had a basket of pug puppies for sale. No, I said, no.

It's so hot, the katz are tolerating each other and lying in the living room where a breeze occasionally comes through.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sometimes there's nothing for it but to walk to the lake and ponder the vagaries of life. The geese are grown now and they got their lake back after the hydroplane madness.

All the babies are fat and happy, spitting up and burbling in their leetle shorts.

Another day in midwife land...there's a massive pileup of babies itchin' to come on out. I'm gonna go gird my loins ( I first typed girl my loins, maybe that's the right expression) with a walk and a shower and a wait by the phone.

The katz are rolling and play-fighting in the garden. Then they come in and get twigs and dirt all over the comforter, which is white. Never have white stuff in a cat house. It's a dumb idea.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

After being gone a month, I had some serious catching up to do, especially reading the Sunday NYT. So I had a stack. I have made it through everything except for the Book Review. I have 5 Book Reviews to read. I save them for last, like dessert. If poetry is reviewed, I grump and gaffaw because, well, they only review 'established' poets, whatever that is.


There's a new book about Vita Sackville-West and her lover Violet Everett that sounds excellent. After I'm done with Life-ah Keith and I are like {{{this}}}} now and the third Dexter book (trash but so delicious).

Sunday, August 14, 2011

For Jumping Around in Your Livingroom

Dearly beloved, we're gathered here today to get through this thing called life. Electric word, life, it means forever and that's a mighty long time but I mean to tell you, there's something else, the after world. A World of never ending happiness. You can always see the sun, day or night. So when you call up that shrink in Beverly know the one, Dr Everything's Gonna Be Alright....cuz in the next life, things are much harder than the after world, in this life you're on your own. And if the elevator tries to bring you down, GO CRAZY.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

At a long birth over the last few days, off to bed.... that moon pulling on the babies to come out and be a Leo, surely a fine zodiacal sign.

One almost red tomato in the garden.


Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I just had dinner with my gay husband, James. It's his birthday and I fed him minestrone and beet salad and molasses cookies. We talked about high-falutin' stuff like Buddhism and meditation and visions and dreams and we only dished dirt a little because, well, because that's what we DO.

Then he got in his leetle blue car and went home. He is dear and beautiful and I only wished I'd met him about 30 years ago.

The sky is gray and pink and closing in. The clothes on the line will just have to dry tomorrow.

I just read the first Dexter book. Definitely not Buddhist. I basically couldn't put it down. I read so fast my eyes swam over the words, like Nancy Drew books when I was a kid. The equivalent of hopping from one foot to the other, real fast.
There's this laurel tree in front of my house, well very close next to my house and it has to go. So the tree guy came over and we discussed how and when and I told him to be careful of the trillium that grow at the base....very careful because trillium grow in Upstate NY, land of my birth, and it's a bit of home, nostalgia and far away so when I first moved into this house and found trillium growing in the yard, I was so pleased, so happy to see them and therefore I'm the keeper of the trillium, endangered as they are. They grow in Seward Park too and I look for them every spring. I didn't see any this year and if thieves didn't take them, maybe the weather was too weird so they stayed away. But. They are close and big by the laurel and the tree guy better be very careful or else I won't pay him. And worse.

I made beet/carrot/apple salad from our beets (!).

One or two beets
A few carrots
An apple
Apple cider vinegar
Olive oil
Fresh dill

Grate the beets and carrots. Cut the apple up fine. Mix together. Add a splash of vinegar and a bit of olive oil. Add salt to taste. Throw on chopped dill, about a tablespoon.


Check your tongue and hands for brilliant beet color.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Eating cauliflower "mashed potatoes" from our own cauli!

Head of cauliflower, steamed
Into blender with (soy) milk, a blob of (fake) butter, salt

Blend to ultimate creaminess

Eat with great satisfaction and yummyness.

Have a second helping without guilt.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

You can read me here and here.
Dear all.

I've returned from the wilds of Vader, Washington along the Cowlitz River and the train tracks and the deer and raccoon and the dharma hall and my musty little cell and terrible food (gruel) and a nameless pond where I saw g-d. Well, I saw teeny fish and salamanders and two kinds of water striders and dragon flies and koi and polliwogs and and a blooming waterlily. I lay on my back and watched how the undersides of the leaves rippled when the reflected sunlight hit them while the bugs made overlapping circles on the surface of the water. Raccoons visited at the water's edge. A kingfisher came to fish. A hawk sat in a snag at the other end of the water. I became four years old, completely absorbed.

Then I came home and hugged my sweetie for about a whole day.