Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Why I Exercise

so I can eat cookies, chocolate chip cookies. I did stairs today, about a million of them. Now I can eat cookies and I don't care.

Sunday we weeded the garden in the pouring rain. I had huge clumps of mud on my shoes and mud on my face. All those stupid grape hyacinths came right out, bulb and all, ha!

I will explain about stairs. On Cap Hill there are stairs, serious stairs that go from 10th down to Eastlake. There are numerous stairs. You put on exercise clothing and an ipod , leave a water bottle at the top and pick up a handful of stones or twigs so you can leave one at the top after you finish each round. Like Hansel and Gretel. Stairs kick your butt. You do the first few rounds pretty well and by the 10th you are sweating and swearing. Then you eat cookies so it is all a distant memory.

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Laura Gamache said...

I love that you leave stones or twigs at the top so you don't have to fracking COUNT on top of all that work!