Friday, March 07, 2008

last night we rehearsed in the children's choir. They hear a song once and they remember it, even if the words are Swahili. Seriously. I have a bit more trouble remembering a few of those things. And we are singing in several different languages. And the leader made us stand up and sing without the music. This event is supposedly in front of 40,000 people and broadcast. If you see me, I will be mouthing the words and humming along, ok?

children are also more flexible than I am. Yesterday in yoga, the teacher had us do splits. This involved getting on your knees, putting one foot against the wall and sliding the other leg out into a split. Right. I didn't fall over but whatever I was doing was not a split, not even close. I was doing a 'sweating, wobbling, tripod while looking at my leg in front (nice pedicure, Beth) and breathing rapidly and making very small grunting noises' kind of pose. It was swell. Yoga is humbling. As if I needed more. Humbling.

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