Sunday, March 09, 2008

this week I am going to use something on my computer called 'garage band' which supposedly is easy to use. I have to make recordings of myself guiding people through a body scan, a meditation and yoga movements (since I am an expert now after 4 classes). I'll keep you posted.

I have a confession. I sent in a poem to an anthology a LONG TIME AGO, before Rebecca and the writers in my group. I got accepted and I have no idea what I sent except that the poem is probably really terrible and the anthology is so smaltzy but it's way too late to get out of it. Gawd. They said it is coming out before xmas so it would make a nice gift...double gawd. I am in another anthology that was so poorly edited, the fonts are all different, there are typos and the formatting is all messed up. Ug. But I'm in there, yahoo. I have an expanded appreciation for a journal like Borderlands, beautiful cover, very professional, etc. Oh well, guess what you'll be getting for a nice gift.


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thanks, I think. See you thursday!