Saturday, March 22, 2008

alfalfa is often confused with atelxtasis which is technically not a word
per se which you have always wanted to find under the couch they are both green so therefore the continuing disorder among thieves spangles fleece sausages are harmless to fauna appropriate evening attire suitable for bed if the participants are both egregious or gregarious I have made this same mistake more often than I care to submit spectacular armpits in aisle four while we marveled beyond the Barcelona a beverage named for a permutation often found in the great sandbox beside a guillotine pity mary queen of scots and the other damsels they did not get a chance to use fluoride so they had bad English teeth however I think beheading is rather severe for poor oral hygiene what about the lack of feminine care products I bet you did not factor this into your calculations haha you loaded a blunderbuss with sharpened ginger snaps as if that would rout the cowards from their usual reception area their superfluous teaspoons and withered flanks pompy batshit fired away thus saith irrelevant monarch buttterflies

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