Saturday, March 22, 2008

there is a guy in the house with a ladder and he is going to clean the windows. so I'm banished from the bedroom and my bed. I was in bed with my ratty tee shirt on, reading a Ngio Marsh murder mystery, perfectly fine and now I have to be downstairs with all the furniture rearranged and my apple computer is NOT WORKING. this is not acceptable. cripes, I've only had it for 2 months. it's supposed to be perfect and behave. back to the apple store AGAIN.

the camillia tree is covered with blossoms. and the magnolia we threatened with death last year has 15 blooms on it and they are open. flowers are an essential part of steady mental health, whatever that is. I might write a flower poem and not show it to anyone.

I am in sawbuck now, edition 2.1. take a look.


Amanda Laughtland said...

I saw your poems in there--very cool. You and I commented to the same post of Laura's, and your name was familiar, and I realized it was from the poems in the new Sawbuck!

beth coyote said...

Laura rocks my poetic little heart and she just tears them off. Mayb it was her India trip..