Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So I'm polishing up my baby poem and I'm having the darnest time with a title. Sometimes titles come first, sometimes way later.

I kayaked on the lake today for 2 hours. My honey helped me load and unload. It was so gorgeous and empty. There was nary a boat. One water plane took off in the distance. I paddled and drifted and looked at the bottom rocks and weeds and followed a few swimmers, one in a wet suit. The water felt warm enough to swim in, sans wet suit but maybe he was swimming from Mercer Island...

We took a kat to the vet today. The other kat who was supposed to go made himself scarce. Nowhere. When we got home, he was spread out on the bed with that look on his face. What? Did you need me for something. I love the way they make themselves as big as Great Danes so you can't get them into the cat carrier. I've learned a trick, however. Upend the carried and lower them down in. Ha! Then the pitiful mewing all the way to the office. I hate pap smears. They hate anything to do with shots and teeth cleaning and flea inspection. Fie on the vet, they say, fie.

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