Thursday, September 01, 2011

First, I'm gonna complain a wee bit. I got a TICKET for running a red light, nabbed by a CAMERA on Broadway. WTF. $124 smackers too. And I was doing the Lawd's work, well on the way to a baby. Not fair.

And besides, I went to birth this early AM, birds cheeping and the fog rising and a glorious view of Queen Anne and the Space Needle---then an all day clinic. My student and I were so punchy we were laughing at poop jokes and swearing out loud in visits. Our clients, bless them all, didn't mind. They think we're heros or crazy or both.

I mean, would you want this woman at your birth? Extreme fatigue + poop jokes + swearing (and silent farting) + slurring some basic words like cervix and uterus. Gawd.

Cassandra, you are a birth goddess and Megan too. I thank all the birthing goddesses everywhere that you are young and resilient and your adrenals are intact.

Love, your old, used up teacher.


Marylinn Kelly said...

Doing The Lawd's Work ought to get a dispensation, no kidding. A LIVE cop could have listened. In LA they voted to do away with the cameras...nobody ever paid the tickets. Bless all who do TLW, in whatever form. xo

Ms. Moon said...

That is EXACTLY the sort of midwife I would want at my birth. Exactly.

beth coyote said...

Thank you both, MK and MM. I'm recovered after a whole night of sleep and then a beautiful Seattle day--sun and ripe tomatoes.