Friday, September 09, 2011

Please sweet baby Jesus, don't let anyone else have a baby til tomorrow when I'm off call. I'm way too tired from all the baby festivities and I fell down coming home from the dentist and I'm covered with bandaids. This is a sad fact of extreme fatigue and aging while in flip-flops. I skinned my hands, my knees, my wrist and my (?) thumb.



Ms. Moon said...

I hope that Baby Jesus answers your prayers.

Radish King said...

Aiyeeeee! Stop beating up that poet. I love her.

beth coyote said...

Thank you both. The effing baby jesus didn't listen but I'm surviving.

XXX Beth

Radish King said...

Ha! He never pays attention.

Marylinn Kelly said...

I hope you are healing. Falls are really such violent things. Sorry that Baby Jesus had other ideas but your header photo is just about heart-stoppingly wonderful. xo