Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I've been in a daze. After I asked the SBJ (sweet baby Jesus) to hold off on the babies, another momma called in labor so off I went into the night. It was a lovely birth and the grandma made us a Columbian breakfast. She spoke no English but o man, there were these corn pancake things filled with cheese and mango and hot chocolate...I broke my vegan vows, hell yes.

Plus, their dog Melo, sang to a few songs they were playing. He'd cock his head and howl. They were playing a bunch of Brazilian beats, very dance-y and drummy. The baby cried for a good long time after the birth. As soon as they put on the play list from the labor, she stopped crying. Really. She heard those Latin beats and stopped wailing to listen.

Since then, I figured I'd missed about a thousand twenty hours of sleep so I've been sleeping at night and napping during the day. And my partner midwife came back from Jamaica all tan and relaxed and she went on call. Thank gawd.

I have the best most kick-ass awful job. Bliss and wrung out at the same time.


Elisabeth said...

I'm here through Ms Moon, Beth. Your job sounds like one of the best despite the lost sleep and your way with words is wonderful.

Ms. Moon said...

I had a feeling that Baby Jesus was the wrong one to call on but you know- we do what we can and it sounds as if the proper goddesses were all in place, dancing to a Latin beat, cooking breakfast in the kitchen.

beth coyote said...

Thank you, Elisabeth. I stopped over at your blog and I will be back.

Dear MM-there's a store where they sell the special corn flour for the pancake thingys. I might have to seek it out.

XX Beth