Saturday, June 04, 2011

What a glorious delicious scrumptious and blessed day of sun and blue and all. And the police cars screaming and driving 100 MPH through our quiet child-filled neighborhood.

My neighbor and I had a garage sale, my first ever. Since vacating my old midwifery office, my garage was sky-high with stuff. And I sold almost all of it, hooray. There goes the family round table with the five leaves. I sold it to a midwife buddy so I can visit it sometimes. And the beautiful teak couch from my exam room went to a pregnant woman and her man. Perfect. The blue velvet 'fainting couch' went to an artist for her studio, also perfect. And yes, girls, I kept the rug of your childhood and the platform rocker.

After it was all over, I showered off the grime and lay on the couch counting my money. Oh yeah.

By the way, I am deeply sunburned so I feel euphoric and glow-y.

Now the guy across the street is attempting to start his ancient pick-up. It sounds like summer, revving and popping and stalling. Better than the police cars. The air is perfumed with the smells of burning animals.

As for me, I walked down the street to the local home made ice cream parlor and had a vegan cone, almond roca. Yum.

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