Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another True Story

Today was Pride in Seattle. After an absence of several years, I decided to head on down (since it moved to downtown I've had my doubts) with friends. My pals the Dharma Buddies were in the parade so I thought I'd join them, especially my gay husband, James. After all, I'm a good Buddhist and in that spirit, why not march down 4th Ave, past Nordstroms and See's Candies and Bed, Bath and Beyond, etc surrounded by thousands of rainbow bedecked queers and their friends/families/dogs/recently released persons.

As some kind of cosmic joke, our contingent marched directly behind the Can-Can float. I gather that the Can-Can is a bar where much debauchery is enjoyed. Anyway, their 'theme' was called Ass Cream and it featured a giant pink ass with a slide coming out of the, ah, asshole and emptying into a water-filled wading pool. But wait, there's more. On top of the float were several scantily clad persons who spent the entire parade shaking, wiggling, humping and slapping their and each others asses. One woman did cartwheels and splits and had a technique for vibrating her thighs and butt that left the audience in tears.

Then there's us, the meditation group, two gals and five or six older gentlemen wearing Buddha shirts...

Directly behind us was a transgender group of smiling wo/men and (men/wo) in heels and polite skirts.

James, my gay husband, brought his strapping and beautiful son (straight) and g-d only knows what he thought. I don't know what I think.

The best part of the day: a gaggle of super heros on roller skates. Batman, Robin, Cat Woman and Spidey. And the guy who always comes with a megaphone and a sign to yell about the baby Jesus and how we're all going to hell was oddly subdued. Maybe he was stunned into silence by the Ass Cream extravaganza.

(I hurried by the dykes on bikes because I get the vapors around women on bikes and my honey was home sick).

So that's it for another year of Pride. And to all gals who put electrical tape on your nipples, I hope you're recovered and didn't hurt yourselves when you removed the tape. Ouch.


Ms. Moon said...

Ah. Every now and then it is good and right to jump into the colorful throng of celebration.
Good for you!

Radish King said...

I think my brother was there. Probably in the middle of everything.

beth coyote said...


And R, was your brother the guy painted irridescent blue with the peacock feathers on his head?