Saturday, June 25, 2011

Time to lie down. Baby came at 8:30 while his brothers and poppa watched. Slid right out, no damage.

Man, when it's easy, it's so easy.


Ms. Moon said...

A friend of mine who had her babies at home told me that the black granny lady who delivered her first proclaimed after the delivery, "Thank-you, Jesus for another healthy baby!" and that she, too, always went into the kitchen of the birth center where we both worked and said that after every birth.
And she is no more religious than I but it seems so appropriate and when I remembered, I did the same.
So- thank-you, Jesus, for another healthy baby!

beth coyote said...

He is a peach of a boy, this healthy baby so he thanks you for your thanks.


Radish King said...

Hurray! Another June baby alive and squealing bringing joy into this world and seeing you there as big as life. Imagine. Ahhhh. You are my hero.