Friday, June 24, 2011

For some reason, I subscribe to Poets and Writers, where the fancy writers live. I read their ads for low-residency writers schools, contests for poets who will then go on to achieve success and fame and $$, and articles about finding the right editor.

Meanwhile, the generator drones on in the horror house across the street. What are they doing over there? Constructing a meth lab or a grow basement for marijuana? The siding is falling off and the hedges continue to flourish in the yard, obscuring their illegal activities.

A mom is in early labor, has taken her boys to the park where she'll count contractions and call me when 'her back begins to ache'. My equipment is in the car and I've showered. So much for Friday therapy and a pool swim. I'm on alert. When she calls again, I'll speed over the West Seattle bridge and haul my 100 pounds of stuff into her house. There we'll wait for her third boy who'll be as pretty and rambunctious as her other two.

In the interim, I've noticed that my magnolia has some dead branches so I'll get the saw and loppers and whack away. By the time the birth is happening, I'll be covered with dirt and branches; looking like scary mother nature. O, and some slugs. Slugs are part of nature's plan. I don't know which part. They're in the same category as snails, raccoons and wharf rats.

Must I pray for ALL of life?


Ms. Moon said...

Just do a blanket all-of-life prayer. That should work. Happy birth- I hope all goes well and smoothly.
When you studied in the Caribbean it wasn't with a midwife named Tina was it?
By the way, I love getting my vicarious birthing juice from you here. I do miss attending births so much.

beth coyote said...

Thanks, Ms Moon. I was on St Lucia in a hospital, no Tina but lots of island midwives.

It is a brilliant sunny day here, my car is gassed up and I'm just a'waitin'. I bet she'll wait til tonight when her other kiddos are asleep.

Love, Beth

Radish King said...

Good morning. I'm thinking your poems are as good as anything I read about in P&W. Was Jamie in my workshop when you were there? She used to be she's an editor of P&W now you know. I'm wondering if you caught a baby last night a night of rain and mirth. I love you Beth. Thank you for not giving up on me.

beth coyote said...

Thank you, dear R. No matter what, you're a writer I admire and respect. for many reasons.

The babe came this morning and I'm off to bed.