Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I found a new poet

well, not new, but new to me. Dean Young and I am reading Skid. Please read him, you won't be sorry. He makes me laugh and gasp. I live for good poems and he wrote a slew. Of good poems. I need to read all his books. You can listen to him read out loud too. It's weird, listening to your laptop talking in a deep male voice. Like people walking around talking (you think)to themselves. The schizophrenia phenomenon, with a phone thingy in their ears.

Why, when the sun comes out, do you see massive dust and cat pawprints on everything? I think it is some kind of black arts. Your eyes are affected by the light rays and smudges, smears and fur leap up and attaches to windows, picture frames and the couch. Because after the sun goes down, all is normal again. I have another theory about cobwebs involving malevolent thoughts and eating ice cream after 10PM.


Laura Gamache said...

It IS weird listening to your laptop reading in a deep male voice.

beth coyote said...


Laura Gamache said...

also I must mention

String of Christmas lights tangled with
extension cords, can’t you work things out?

from Thrown as if Fierce and Wild

excuse the fabulous title Dean Young.