Saturday, January 26, 2008

I am writing on my new apple and it is ok for right now. I'm afraid I actually have to go to the apple store and have a 'session' with a young person who will secretly scorn me for my ineptness. I DO like the way the little icons jump up and down when you put the cursor on them. However, I am fearfully ignorant of most of the functions...

Still contemplating a satsuma. It is hard now, like a walnut or a doorstop. I could hurt someone with it if I threw it. It is no longer edible, so technically it isn't food any longer. Fruit is supposed to be alluring and juicy. The plant strategy to continue the species. We're supposed to eat fruit. If you're worried about taking life, fruit likes it, it says, yeah, bite me. And scatter my seeds. Oddly comforting, if you think about it. Cows, apparently, have a different reaction if you bite them while they are just minding their own business out in the pasture.


GoGo said...

Apple is better than PCs...even if I still have a pc. No viruses too! Though I do believe they silently scorn at the store. sorry.

As for the sastina...lost the spelling by this point...keep on trucking!


beth coyote said...

Thanks, now I have to call the apple store and admit defeat. Intuitive, my ass.