Saturday, January 05, 2008


I am beginning to understand some things. It's like this, when the weather is this gross, everyone stays in and eats a lot of cookies because if you go outside the ground is actually MELTING. I am not kidding. I went for a walk by the lake and there were these drainage things and the earth was all collapsed from the 457th day of rain. I imagined going over to them and seeing if I would just sink down out of sight and it scared me so much I had to comfort myself with chocolate chip cookies. That, and a lot of tea. And pajamas. I got these pajamas for Christmas and they might be the best pajamas in the world right now. They are fleece, which is, I believe, a miracle fabric and I don't use that word lightly. They have snowflakes on them and they are blue. I could wear them all the time. I could wear them to work and maybe I will. I think all my clothes should be made of fleece. Sometimes, it is a real disadvantage not to have fur. I do wonder how the deer are doing all dripping wet right now. Maybe they have deer lounges out in the woods where they go play pool and drink mulled wine.

I actually sent poems to 2 different places today so maybe I don't have to next week. Rebecca is making us send poems in EVERY WEEK, gawd.

Further Instructions From the Fallback

Begin again (slip knot) to tell me what you are (heaving line bend)

Trying to say (sheepshank) where was he (thief knot) found and

When was this (clove hitch) anyway

First he tried a cowboy bowline too loose

Then an alpine butterfly his fingers didn’t work right

A Portuguese sinnet eluded him as did a lark’s head and a dog shank

Too complicated for a monkey’s fist tried a blood knot yes

A diamond knot closer a grief knot would do just right


Radish King said...

Nope. Just cuz you submitted 2 today doesn't mean you don't have to submit next Saturday. I did it too you know. Do.


GoGo said...

Good to you for submitting and yes, Fleece is a miracle fabric!

Keep moving forward and keep avoiding the melting ground. :)


beth coyote said...

Sheesh, every Saturday, dang. It is different than Dialing for Dollars, isn't it?

I'm changing my name to Fleece, Beth Fleece.