Friday, August 15, 2014

There is more pondering going on over here today. And I have moved everything into the 'living space' of the house. Gawd, I'm tripping over boxes and the vacuum cleaner and bottles of wine that now live on the floor of my bedroom. It's a true mess. And for my mild OCD, completely crazy-making. I put something down (somewhere) and then spend half an hour looking for it, pacing around the house loudly cursing and alternately sobbing. I have learned, however. I tend to put things on top of other things. THAT'S why my keys 'disappear'. The other night, I had to go to a neighbor to ask him to call me so I could locate my phone (under a book).

I've begun to pack, well, I'm thinking about packing for Italy. I don't have a staging area like the nice gray-haired men do. I don't have a floor, or a table and I sleep in the bed so hell.

And I've decided that none of my clothes are any good and I should get a whole new wardrobe but I have neither the time or money for such foolishness.

The bride sent some suggestions for two events where dresses might be required. The wedding, natch, and a dinner on Monday night. I don't have dresses. I have a skirt but mostly I have shorts and light weight pants, including what I'm gonna wear to 'officiate' in. I do have two new bathing suits so I thought I could live in those with a sarong while on the estate, except for the aforementioned formal situations. It's hot in Tuscany, y'all.

I do have a pair of fancy prescription sunglasses that make me look like a movie star so if I wear those maybe no one will notice I'm wearing a Speedo and a Hawaiian sarong with huge hibiscus on it. With flip-flops. And a straw hat.


Radish King said...

it doesn't matter you are gorgeous and smart and funny

wear what you want damn the torpedoes etc.


I die. I die.

Ms. Moon said...

It is ALL in the attitude. Absolutely and without a doubt.