Saturday, August 02, 2014

It's Seafaire weekend and the Blue Angels are directly overhead (I do live on a large hill) and twice this morning GIANT HAIL and a downpour smashed on us. Then the sun comes out and pretends nothing has happened. La la. Planet revenge for all the noise.

Yesterday I escorted home my shiny new red kayak. I hope we're on the water tomorrow. And I found some pretty clothes for Italy. Always a question-what to wear to blend in, be in the background of the blushing bride and groom person. And Tuscany is August will be HOT so hopefully no sweat stains or fainting.

Watched ALL of the last season of The Killing. Whew. Total blubber-fest by the sixth episode. And if any of you haven't seen the Danish version, you must.


Elizabeth said...

I couldn't handle the American version -- way too dark for moi.

Happy travels to Italy! Somehow I imagine the heat, though high, will be bearable in Tuscany --

Ms. Moon said...

I have an official officiant dress. It is black with a red lining. It works no matter what I weigh. Lis, of course, gave it to me.
A red kayak? i want pictures. Also, the new clothes. Please?