Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Of course. I'm leaving on Saturday and yesterday it was clear that I was getting sick. The works, high fever, headache, snotty nose. Spent the night so far moaning and thrashing. The first day, when you think that death would be ok because you feel so awful.

It's after midnight and I think I might live. And I have to get better enough to get on a plane in four days. I'm not going to do anything except stay in bed. Randy will get Felix tomorrow so I don't have to worry about dealing with him. I got euros yesterday at the bank. I still have to call the phone company to get my phone switched. And I have to figure out what cold/flu remedies I can take to suppress symptoms for the 13 hour plane ride (sheesh).

Reminds me of my time at Esalen, very beautiful expensive place and I was sick the whole time, coughing and feverish. I might try to see my doc before I leave for emergency meds of codeine cough syrup and antibiotics, even though this is a virus and abx don't do a thing...

It will be ok.


Ms. Moon said...

As if traveling didn't bring enough anxiety and difficulty on its own.
Oh honey. May you recover completely before Saturday. Rest, rest, rest.
Drink fluids.
All will be well.

Sabine said...

Bring a nasal spray for the flight, the dry air is awful when you had a cold - of course you will recover in time.

Sending lots of recovery wishes.