Friday, August 22, 2014

Dear darlings,

I'm packed mostly. I'm full of OTC meds-they really do work to suppress symptoms. Mildly coughing but ok to fly. Suppressed symptoms-where do they go? There's an alternate reality where fevers/snot/coughing/sore throats go to commiserate. I can barely hear them complaining and whining. Tomorrow the big adventure over the ocean with my old friend/ex g'friend to Tuscany and the Holy Roman Empire. With our bags stuffed with, no doubt, the wrong clothes and a bunch o'euros.

The wedding ceremony is written and rehearsed. I bought a gorgeous black silk dress that was very expensive. I will wear it somewhere, either the wedding itself or the welcoming party at the villa.

Check me out, ole Beth C from Upstate NY. Reading a book called Let's Pretend This Never Happened. That was me, the feral girl raised by a dad who skinned rabbits and cleaned ducks on the cellar stairs.

Now I'm gonna get me some culture in Europe.

In the meantime, I'm blasting the music and dancing in my living room. Sliding around on the floor.

The person I'm not dating wants to be friends.


I can do that.

I'll write when I come back, not taking my computer. Or I won't come back because Italy is too beautiful to leave. It could happen. Garlic and wine. Art. Music. I don't speak Italian but I could learn.

It could happen.

Ciao bella.

Twirling in my beautiful silk dress.


Jo said...

Keep twirling! It sounds so beautiful.

Sorry to hear about the person. I've inserted myself into the role of comforter to the person the person I want to sleep with has been sleeping with and holding at arms legth for three years. Agh.

Sabine said...

Have a great time, Tuscany is fabulous. Enjoy every minute.

Ms. Moon said...

Black silk dress...oh my yes!
Hey- women have babies everywhere.
Travel safe, be happy. Be well.

Radish King said...

Oh you will be gorgeous you are gorgeous and exciting and brilliant. Have fun have the very best Adventure ever. I will be thinking of you.

Betsy MacWhinney said...

Hope you're having all the fun you can bear.