Thursday, January 09, 2014

Yesterday Felix and I ran the park. In the pouring rain. Discovery Park is a Naval station with a huge water tower, a light house and a few military families still living there. Mostly it's an enormous park on Puget Sound so there are forests, a waste treatment center, a long strip of beach, a fenced area where the police horses live, a First Nations conference center filled with contemporary Native art and huge sandy cliffs. And bunnies. On a day like yesterday, off-leash dogs own the place. He ran and ran and ran, found the ball to lose it again. He went in the water several times. He played with other dogs (consisting of chasing and being chased).

And I forgot to add-Felix went to the dog bath place after and now he is clean and fluffy and he smells good. This will last for about 24 hours when we again venture out into the muddy wet etc. Then he'll look like his true self. Doggy and dirty and beautiful.


Ms. Moon said...

I am thinking of you so much. I am glad you have your Felix.
Be okay, honey.

Mel said...

Clean and fluffy never last long do they? Your run in the park sounds wonderful. My Tucker is a knuckle head around other dogs, very antsy and all about his people. He doesn't play, even when he's boarded at doggy day care and we watched him on a web cam and it was pathetic. No playing, just sitting or waiting for the people. I'm not sure he understands he is a dog.

Plus he barked himself hoarse, because he was afraid to be alone, and aren't we all sometimes? I wonder if he'll ever get his old voice back, we've been home 10 days and it's still pitiful.

I'm glad your weather is letting you go for the walks - they are good for whatever ails you.

Yes, be OK, you and your wonderful dog. They are good company. I am envious, mine is also afraid of water. That's just wrong, isn't it?

beth coyote said...

Mary X

Mel-my dog is a total dog. He has no idea that his parents get up to ridiculous haircuts and dog shows.

And they are spotless.