Saturday, January 04, 2014

The house is so quiet. And clean. After my breakfast, I sat at the table and cried. For a while. For long enough that my eyes are all swollen and my nose is drippy. Felix came and 'nosed' me by pushing his nose under my arm. He wants a walk so off we go.

The sun is miraculously out. I emptied and refilled the hot tub and it might be hot enough now.

Tonight there is a 'Hot Flash' dance at the boy bar. The dance is twice a month for the ladies. I usually go with a friend-any excuse to dance, you know. She can't go tonight so I'm thinking I'll go ALONE. Gawd. Because it is for us older gals, it starts at 6PM and ends at 10. Hahahahahaaha. I'm usually done by 8, really. And the music is questionable; sometimes good, sometimes terrible. I'll go and dance by myself and have a drink made by a bartender that knows how to make cocktails, unlike me.

There are usually a few dancers on platforms who are barely dressed and young and skinny. I feel, um, anbivalent about them. Women stick dollar bills in their panties like strip clubs. It's modern life, I guess. Am I sex positive or an old fart? I don't know.

A dance friend just called and wants to meet me tonight to dance. I don't have to be totally pathetic!!!

Saved. But not by the baby Jesus.

Grief is a bitch.


Radish King said...

You are not old not by a long shot. I adore you. AND SUN TWO DAYS IN A ROW!!!
Rebecca Also Not Old

Ms. Moon said...

Grief can suck my...
You know.
Dance, sugar. Dance for me too, if that's not too much to ask.

Birdie said...

I have never been to a strip club except one time, accidentally when I mistook the pub entrance for the bar entrance. The pub served food, the bar... did not. I was with cousins at the time and they all thought it was hilarious. I still have the image in my mind of a blue haze of cigarette smoke and...never mind.

Elizabeth said...

I wish there were a Flash Dance place in Los Angeles. I'd go alone for sure. And dance.

Sabine said...

Never an old fart, never, hear me?

Mel said...

I'm with Sabine - never an old fart. Old farts do not go out to dance, ever. I hope you cry yourself out, and Felix keeps you comforted and distracted until the world is back on kilter for you.

Radish King said...

thinking about you this morning with deep and abiding love and friendship, rebecca