Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I want to live on a green belt near the lake in a wee house with a fireplace and light and room for a studio and a park near by where I can run the dog and see eagles and it's all paid for so I don't have to work so hard to pay the effing huge mortgage. And a tree. And a mother in law where I can have a friend live. And the roof doesn't leak. And the plumbing is fine and the floors are ok. And I can have a fire when it's cold.

I went to the street where I first made a bid on my first house. I didn't get the house but it was incredibly cheap and I had a down payment, a little one. I still want to live on that street.

Maybe I will.


Ms. Moon said...

May your dreams come true, dear woman.

Mel said...

Yes, what Mary said. I hope you find the place you're looking for.

Jo said...

Make the vision board! Pictures are good.

Betsy MacWhinney said...

Sure! May it be so. Especially the part about not having to work much.

Radish King said...


+ bathtub & garden