Sunday, June 03, 2012

Yesterday I delivered a baby. And she's a beautiful thing and her parents and the grandmas and the cousin and auntie.

The whole family is blessed.

Sometimes I'll drive around my city and I'll pass a house where a babe was born and I think, "That house is blessed, this block is blessed."

This morning I went to dance class with my old tired body and I danced myself into a whirl of happiness. Dancing=life.


Ms. Moon said...

I have the same feelings when I pass certain houses where I know a baby was born back in the old days. Me there too.

I danced last night, by myself, in my hallway.

I needed that.

Ellena said...

I danced your "H whirl" 12 years ago and did not know it was my last. Now, walking = alive, with thanks.

Jenny Woolf said...

New life is always inspiring and amazing.

beth coyote said...

Sometimes i dance the demons out.