Friday, June 22, 2012

It is actually raining here in the water logged city. I couldn't go swimming as I had planned because work strangled me into billing and answering messages and what-all. And it's not even a real work day.

As an alternative, I'm going to go for a long walk in the rain with the dawg in his raincoat and it will be just like swimming.


The raincoat goes down to my ankles and the boots are my garden boots so they will ferry rainwater from my coat into my boots but I don't care. I must get out there and smell the wet gardens of my neighbors and see all the droopy flowers.

A sparrow is singing on a wire by the back porch. The chickens are apparently impervious to the rain and they're making a great deal of noise by the gate. Ethel was perched on top of the 6 foot gate yesterday because she is the escape artist. I want her to stay put today.


Ms. Moon said...

It is a beautiful miracle of the internet that we have met. We are so far apart and close together.
Love you truly...Mary

beth coyote said...

Dear Mary-

May we share a martini one day.

I love you too...and all your relations.

XX Beth

Ellena said...

We have been promised rain for a few days now. I just came in from sneaking out there with a jug of water for my flowers around the patio. I watered Wednesday and learned on Friday that I'm not allowed to water until Sunday 20hrs. Rain predicted Monday till end of week. So many this and thats ruling us.

Young at Heart said...

you do manage to make it all sound rather good..... it's raining here too!!

beth coyote said...

Rain makes the sunlight like a miracle here in the Emerald City.