Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dears-It's gay Sunday in the Northwest and fortunately for all the drag queens, it didn't rain and spoil their makeup. Holly and I went dancing last night and it was so crowded, we couldn't move. There was much drunkenness and public fondling and smooching. And many homosexuals. I went to my dance class this morning so now I can't move. Well, I can move but slowly.

Sitting in the garden, I listened to a bumblebee in the bells of the foxglove. And the birds. There are ruby throated hummingbirds that visit the lilies and the hollyhocks. Faithful hollyhocks that bloom all summer. And they stretch out over the lawn and cover lesser plants. As a child, I made hollyhock dolls with two blossoms. One was the skirt and the other was the bonnet.

My silly dog and I went to the park for his run. He was leaping into the air and barking so I'd throw the ball into the water. I obliged. He's a pretty good swimmer now. And his poodle buddies were there so he had extra joy. Funny that he recognizes his own. The black puppy and he ran around, slipping and falling down with alarming happiness. I'd forgot dog joy.

Enjoy the gay.


Ms. Moon said...

I ALWAYS enjoy the gay.

Ms. Moon said...
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Radish King said...

Thoroughly enjoying the gay. Love to you and Deb. Also that Dali photo is wonderful I have never seen it before! Thank you.


Ellena said...

We have to wait till August for our Gay Pride parade.