Sunday, June 10, 2012

No, I'm not going to church (dancing) this morning because someone is percolating in labor and I have to be ready to go, to go quick. ((sigh))

Yesterday I went to Point Nn Point where there is a lighthouse and the salt water on Bainbridge Island to (sic) perform a wedding for two lovely people who decided to get hitched 6 days ago. They pulled it together with many delicious foods and a few people (and many children-she's a midwife) and the wild sun/shadow/rain/sun/waves weather. Felix went with me and ran up and down the beach in doggy delirium. While biting down on a spinachy filo wrapped thingy, I broke a tooth.

I think we have outlived our teeth. I think we were supposed to die by 40 and now the various parts are cracking, busting, disintegrating etc.

Felix's teeth are perfect. He just got them this year. Hell, he was born this year.

So now a trip to the dentist to see what kind of production I'll have to endure, grinding, sanding, excavating, capping, pulling and finally, in about 6 months, a reasonable facsimile of a tooth which has costed way too much. Thank gawd for dental insurance.

If I make it to 80, will I have any original teeth left? I brush, floss, use my electric toothbrush, get 3 cleanings a year, wear my night guard, all for this? An errant pebble in spinach undoing all my hard work.

At least there's a NYT waiting for me on the front porch.


Ellena said...

Sorry about your tooth. I have 6 lower ones left with very wobbly permanence.
Wish I still had my front porch. Couild a NYT be trained to wait on rear patio?

Sabine said...

Hope there is no pain involved!! My teeth terrify me, could do with psychodentaltherapy, I am so much out of sync in that department.

We will probably all mash our food in old old age.

Ajax said...

No dancing and a broken tooth? Poop. Hope you get some cozy break time in lieu of the booty shakin. Good luck in your upcoming baby ambassador efforts!

Ms. Moon said...

Yes. Like you, I don't believe we were meant to live this long. And yet, we have. And so we have to deal with teeth and hot flashes unto death and so forth.
I wonder sometimes if this is a good thing. I guess it is, but if we were dead, we wouldn't be worrying about a thing.
I'm glad you got some people hitched. You're still doing god's work. And that's all right.

beth coyote said...

Ellena-I think a NYT would wait anywhere if you have th proper devotion.

Sabine-you're right, no more crunchy bread (sob).

Ajax-baby came out fine in a gorgeous oft down by the water. Love those home births!

Mary dear-hot flashes, teeth AND don't forget runaway boob behavior. Sheesh.