Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yesterday I actually had a day off so my friend Patti and I had a delish dinner and we headed to The Dark Knight. Blech! I was pumped cuz it was the 'sequel' to Batman Begins, a brilliant effort, I thought. Our waitron even approved our choice. He said "the best movie in a long time.."

Two and 1/2 hour slugfest with some cool stuff like the Batcar and a Batmotorcycle with ridiculous wide wheels. Heath was a great Joker but I tired of him too because there was just too much slamming and punching and blowing buildings and people up. And the girl lead, whatzername, chipmunk cheeks and pouty lips in place of acting, which was in short supply. I am not a teenage boy, or whoever likes this kind of thing. Ironman was much better.

Just say no to summer blockbusters. Blockheaded is more like it.

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