Saturday, July 19, 2008

I am going swimming NOW, before anything else happens. Way busy week, seeing all manner of pregnant women in my clinic. My partner is is Mexico, the nerve. She will be back in 10, count 'em, days. Then I will toss the pager to her and leave town for any area where the waves smack against the shore. I will drink some alcohol and read trashy books.

I watched a man in a large red t-shirt doing an interpretive dance in front of the hospital yesterday. He was talking and waving his arms in the most fluid way. Then he stopped and talked with himself. He leapt in the air after,apparently, receiving an answer. More arm waving, occasional glances skyward. I think he was expecting his people to return to earth and carry him away. The red t-shirt and arm waving were signals. Perhaps I need to wear brighter colored clothes so I am easier to spot. I already talk to myself. The conversation goes like this:

"Oh, good morning, it's effing bright in here."

"Well, you had these skylights put in. What did you expect?"

"I think my leg is paralized, no wait, it is a cat, the heavy one."

"They're all heavy, even with diet food."

"I wonder if it is the same fly as yesterday..."

etc, etc. Brilliant stuff.

To the pool to immerse myself in silence.


Apple said...

""They're all heavy, even with diet food."

My cats get fat on weight control, too, which means they were just destined to be plump. That's the way I see it.

beth coyote said...

I hate it when the vet lectures me about THEM-like I force feed them or something. They did it to themselves.