Thursday, July 17, 2008

I drove all the way to my workshop and it was canceled WAAAAAAAAAAA. Page came out and told me. He was so kind partly because he is used to writers and the strange metallic glint in their eyes...esp when they are thwarted. I am working all the time, every day and it so sucks. +++whine and complain horn section+++ I am going for a long walk now to contemplate 'Bird' Parker and John Coltraine and Billie Holliday. If you have never seen all 20 hours of Ken Burns 'Jazz', rent it and wonder about what you have been missing.

Even I, a woman with no identity, can feel the humble.

Oh, well, I do have a paper driver's license with a pretty good picture on it, better than the last one. Paper driver's licenses seem so...flimsy. I have a paper driver's license, a QFC card and a health insurance card. The rest is just piffle.


Radish King said...

I've been listening to Billie for days. Coincidence? I think not. I wish the other writers shared your sense of commitment.

beth coyote said...

thank you Rebecca. Without writing, reading, more writing and the workshops, I would not be sane (or somewhat sane...)



PS Sarah Vaughn-whew!

Radish King said...

YES! I've been listening to Sarah Vaughn and Billie lately, all day in fact. Key Largo makes me want to melt and disappear. I just might. That's one big fat burny moon out there tonight.