Sunday, April 04, 2021

Dear friends-

I'm back from the wilds of California and Oregon.  I drove many miles in my spiffy new car, blasting tunes and stopping occasionally to pee. Can I say? There were LOTS of folks without masks at rest centers, Safeways and gas stations. WTF. I know many of my fellow brethren distrust vaccines but jeez. How hard is it to wear a mask?? I know, I know. But the numbers of dead are so huge, our little brains or compassionate responses cannot handle it. Unless we know someone who has died, some of us just don't care. I can't comprehend the numbers but  I care, of course I do. Signed up to help with the vaccine effort here in the great NW. I give shots, I can give shots or whatever they want me to do. 

Driving through southern Oregon and into California, the views were breathtaking. Literally. I kept saying, 'holy shit'. Bluest skies, and mountains, some still with snow. Just gorgeous. Mount Shasta area, damn. Every time I drive through there I think I want to move there. I did also pass through burned acres, many burned acres. 

Eden was surprised to see me. She was confused, thought I was her sister at first. Hot springs, Pinnacles National Forest and a stop in Eugene to see old friends. Loved it all. 

Unfortunately I also got news of results from my endoscopy. I have H pylori, a nasty bacteria that causes ulcers and stomach cancer. Awesome. Many of us, maybe 1/2 the population harbors this dread bug. Anyway, I'm taking 5 pills twice a day for two weeks. Yuck. One of them makes my mouth dry and taste nasty. Fun times. Until I'm done with the treatment, there's no point in taking yogurt and probiotics. And I feel less than stellar. In fact, I'm planning to spend today in my bathrobe. I have to make myself take the dog out. But I'm grateful I have a diagnosis and it could be way worse. I've helped my friends who have had cancer and THAT is truly terrible. 

Anyway, I'm glad to be home. It's a typical day here, grey and rainy. I must admit, being in all that California sunshine was lovely. But the magnolia are blooming and so are the daffs. 

May we all enjoy our bodies, in whatever shape they are in at the moment.


am said...

H. pylori! When I began working as a medical transcriptionist in 1984, that was one of the first things I remember being brought to my attention. What a relief to know that there is a proven treatment for it. I know that you will feel better soon.

The last two times I made the drive from Washington to California were April and October of 2008 -- before a death and to visit a grave. The sacred beauty of the area of the Siskiyous never fails to move me, as it did you. Having spent the first 23 years of my life in Northern California, its landscape "looms large in my legend" (words stolen from George Harrison).

Welcome home! Washington is such a funny grey-green-blue place. Not my first home but home nonetheless.

Ms. Moon said...

H.Pylori is a bitch. Glen had it once and had to be treated. It surely did help him to get rid of it and I, too, am glad that what you have is not deadly.
What a beautiful trip that must have been!

Sabine said...

Fingers crossed for a a successful eradication of the helicobacter bacteria!
I remember when this treatment was first established (late 1980s) and how many people were suddenly and literally cured of bleeding stomach ulcers and potential stomach cancer risks. Also, how the doctor who discovered it used himself as a guinea pig.

Look after yourself, dear woman, get better soon.

beth coyote said...

Sabine! I did not know that. Bless him.

Linda Sue said...

Take the pills, take all of the pills and be well!! Lovely trip down through the prettiest states! Glad you are safe and sound.