Thursday, November 05, 2020

 I learned that more white women voted for Trump this time around, more than last election. WTF. How does fascism rise? This is how.  

And I fear my fellow citizens, the ones who support authoritarianism. Bigotry. Intolerance. It was always thus. This administration just threw open Pandora's box.

I can't watch. Kenny sends me updates.

This morning I drove up north to the Korean spa for ladies. I was the only person there for the first 30 minutes. I got a scrub as my skin has been feeling like scales. I sat in the steam and the hot tub. I had lunch in the little cafe. It was worth every penny.

Now I'm lying on the  couch eating fancy chocolate under a down comforter. Today the lady who scrubbed me with her scratchy mittens touched me ALL OVER. I'm gonna sleep well tonight, guaranteed. Joe just might get to be the next prez. 

Keep the faith, dear friends. 


Ms. Moon said...

All I can do is to tell myself that as horrendous as it is to think that so many people voted for Trump, more of us voted for Biden. And that alone is something. I am not sure what but something.
How brilliant of you to get a spa day. Worth every penny, I am SURE. And probably more.
Hang in there, beautiful lady.

Bohemian said...

It is all A LOT. And it is disheartening that so many Americans who have been thoroughly convinced, with no evidence, that the other option is Socialism... can embrace Fascism so wholeheartedly and want a Banana Republic Sociopath Dictator instead of a Democracy! I do think he filled a Void in the portion of the populace vulnerable to exploitation, filled a Need in those who Hate the same things he does, filled a Greed that many have to only be transactional at any Cost. He's brought out A LOT that sadly, has always been there, mostly lurking in the Shadows, now out and revealed with it's ugly Underbelly showing, of another side of America that perhaps many of us didn't have an Awareness about. I had hoped he was a hideous anomaly, a grotesque but minority driven abhorrent fluke... he is not. This time around those who Supported him know what they're aligning with. It has made me reassess some relationships that would be too toxic to continue Post-Election, people who weren't at all what they seemed on their surface and have a Dark interior I really didn't recognize until now.