Sunday, August 09, 2020

 My children are coming to Seattle in September to see me!!!! I can hardly wait. I suggested that they get tested before they leave and then we can hang out together without masks. Or whatever. 

I'll sleep on the deck and they can have the house. I don't care. We can cook and play Rummikub and go for hikes and just be in each other's company. Of all the hardships in my very privileged life, being separated from them is the hardest. It's an actual pain in my heart. There is a thing called 'broken heart syndrome'. 

Apropos of nothing, I have lost almost 10 pounds. My 'third' boob under my real boobs is almost gone and everything feels loose. I actually didn't even finish a chocolate cupcake yesterday. Besides my vanity, the last blood test I had I was 'pre diabetic' and my triglycerides were in the stratosphere. I haven't checked again but after I lose another 10 (!?), I will. If I weigh 130, I'll be back to the weight I was in my 40's. Even now, I haven't weighed this little since then. Plus if I have knee surgery, weighing less is easier on my joints. 

There is the lake mystery. Two folded towels with car keys underneath and a pair of women's Tevas have been in the same spot for 6 days where I go swim. I finally called 911 and they asked if I could see a dead body floating in the water (ew, gross!!!!) Um, no! I would have been reporting that and not some random towels and keys. Someone else called about the towels/keys but there they remain. When I go today, I'll check again. Weird. 

As you may know, I have a dance practice. It's all online now but I do it anyway.

Dance class

The teacher won't stop talking talking talking

when we come here to move our limbs

shake off sleep


dreams torn from nightmare pages

she keeps talking

a voiceover explains kinetics    emotional tailings

mute music    strings sob in the background

the beat the beat

someone sings from a hillside

we can feel the sighs of the Adriatic

let us go


let this body flow towards the timeless

where there is no language

where we float weightless

astronauts within sight of the furthest moon

Yesterday I made applesauce with blackberries mixed in. And blackberry jam. And elderberry syrup. A regular farm wife I am. Now to start apple butter. 

Peaceful Sunday everyone. 

Please enjoy these delightful twin brothers who are reviewing music videos they are too young to remember. They are hilarious. And there are a whole bunch of them; Prince, Stevie Wonder, Janis Joplin, Dolly Parton, Karen Carpenter and so many more. 

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Ms. Moon said...

I've been watching those "First Time Listening" guys for awhile. I love them.
I'm so glad your kids are coming. I believe in the broken heart thing. I feel it today under my broken ribs.
I'm having a Sunday.
Dance for me too, okay?