Wednesday, March 11, 2015

To the people who smashed my car window and stole my wallet-YOU SUCK.

However the nice transit cop who found my emptied wallet is an angel. Of course the cards were all gone and the thieves managed to charge about $1600 in stuff from Macy's downtown before they were thwarted. The cop called (!) and told me he had my wallet and he could drop it off after work. He found it in a MacDonald's parking lot. I immediately went into a story about his nefarious intentions ie. he planned to kill and maim me and leave the pieces around for the contractors to find in the morning. It didn't help that I hadn't eaten since the night before. Gawd.

He was a perfectly nice man who didn't even come in the house.

Rob the contractor drove me to the bank so I could get another debit card and fill out the fraud paperwork. I just did this with some company in Hong Kong that hacked into my bank account. Am I being targeted because of my interminable anxiety about money?

Or maybe because I'm listening to Going Clear, the book about Scientology and L. Ron. Boy howdy, he was a true nut. And he had followers, lots of them. And the 'church' has gobs of money. We're willing to believe anything, aren't we?

And all this because I was walking my dog in the park. You can find where I parked because there is a large pile of broken glass.

Ok, I'm done now with falling down on the sidewalk, smash and grab theft and the nonsense of replacing everything.

I'm ready for a care team to come in and bathe me and put me to bed. As I drift off, someone holds my hand and reassures me that all is well.

All is well. And soon I'll have a bathroom with floors, windows, a sink, a tub and a shower. I bought flooring yesterday. It's yellow. No more yogurt container for me.


Ms. Moon said...

Oh Beth. No.
Life is not fair. Not fair at all.
I am so sorry. But I am mighty glad to know you will soon have a bathroom. Won't it be thrilling?

beth coyote said...

Yes, it will be the best ever. I won't take bathrooms for granted EVER AGAIN. THEY ARE HAVENS OF BATHS AND ABLUTIONS OF ALL KINDS.

Sabine said...

Awful, awful, awful. Poor Beth.
But good things will happen next. It's a law of nature.

When this happened to me I was ready to explode for a good while. But when they found the guy, he was such a desperate person, homeless, ill, the lot. I almost wanted to hand over my new wallet to him. Almost.

beth coyote said...

Sabine-you are right, of course. I was just so freaked out that I had lost control of my wee life.

I give homeless folks my dollars all the time. And I still will. There but for the grace of g-d go I...

Birdie said...

It pisses me off that good people like you who give so much get royally screwed over. It proves to me that karma is bullshit. Bad things can happen to great people and bad people can make good things happen to themselves by doing bad things to good people.
Anyway, I am sending you some light and love.

beth coyote said...

Birdie-yr message made me laugh!