Sunday, March 29, 2015

Oban, Scotland. Yes, I'm going there.

I'm looking obsessively at airbnb for lodging in the UK, rather nerve-wracking. The one place I really liked in Wales doesn't provide bedding or towels. Um, I'm not taking a sleeping bag with me, nope. So far, we've got lodging in Paris, London and Cardiff. Today looking at Edinburgh and I've figured out we can do a day trip to Oban, gorgeous scenery and Oban, people, home of my favorite Scotch. It's a coastal town. Scotland, is, frankly, a beautiful place. (are there too many commas in that last sentence? I fear there are.)

I'm cautiously excited. The $$ will be there somehow. Came home to a bill from the painter, not too big but there's so much more to do. I'll be working for the rest of my life, that's clear.

Watched the docu about Roger Ebert. Quite amazing that he allowed himself to be filmed with half a face.

Danced this morning and as usual had a blissful time. A new person, Greg, grinned the whole time and kissed and hugged me at the end. Dancing brings out the joy in us. I hope I can dance forever in some way. Heidi was there today after being gone for two months. She had a tumor removed from her spine and had to relearn to walk. She was rejoicing in moving her toes and her legs. And she took some rest times.

On my way there, two male mallards were leisurely crossing the street as they do at this time of year. Moseying along. Although it's usually a boy and a girl, waiting on some eggs. I thought, well, these boys have found each other. Queer ducks, you go. Although there might be a surplus of boy ducks, I'm holding out for gay duckdom.

We have a bit of a fearful baby pileup, no one in labor as yet. Please, one at a time, ladies.

I'm currently inclining my mind toward joy. It's easier than I thought. I'm often secretly grumpy so joy practice is probably more helpful in the world.

For instance:

1. I have a working toilet.
2. The katz have both been treated for fleas and are no longer scratching and driving themselves and me crazy.
3. Jim is making a ladder with pretty wood so we can dispense with the aluminum ladder to the loft.
4. There was enough money to pay all the bills and payroll. I can wait for a paycheck.
5. I have the best friends-writers, artists, dancers, singers and carpenters.
6. My children are splendid and I consider them my friends. A miracle.
7. My car works.
8. My job is usually the greatest. And the babies grow up into good adults.
9. All the trees I've planted are sprouting leaves.
10. My body is strong and not too painful.
11. I have a dharma community and I know how lucky I am.
12. Joy is everywhere if I look for it.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, I love this post. I have never been to Scotland (or England, Ireland and Wales) and would love to go. My maternal grandmother was Scotch -- she was of the Ross clan.

beth coyote said...

Elizabeth-I be on the lookout for some Rosses. And I bet there's a family crest and a Ross plaid.

Then there are the castles and coastlines and wee cottages and flocks of sheep and driving on the left side of the road...

I might not come back.

Ms. Moon said...

Ah well. Babies need to be delivered everywhere. Including Scotland.
Yes. Joy. I'm going to keep that thought in my heart today. Thank you. I needed reminding.
You live a fine and full life, Beth.

Jo said...

These are good things. How soon is full moon, though? Baby avalanche!

anne said...

Hey, Beth. There is joy. It's all in attitude. xxx A