Friday, January 02, 2015

Back from Great Vow Zen Monastery. Those Zen folks are so sweet. Their practice is tough and strict and then they play. They have a marimba band and they performed for us. Imagine the Roshi (a woman by the way) in her 70's in her robes whaling away on the big keys behind the rest of the band, bald headed monks and nuns.

And their food is delicious. Really delicious.

Brought a cold home. Last night in my house again, eating dinner when I found something hard and crunchy in my mouth. Yup,  piece of my tooth. Shite. Of course the dentist is closed today. So I get to stay in bed with a runny nose and a jagged gap in my lower jaw.

My theory: we outlive our teeth. I think our teeth were designed to hold up, more or less, about 40 years. Then after that, they begin to fall apart in various ways. We weren't supposed to live so long but we are.

So what will it be? Another horribly expensive implant or a patch job or what? Who knows. And even though I have dental insurance, anything fancy costs a bundle. In my case, a window or two on the house.

The ground is frozen hard. My new glasses are done but I think I'll spare the folks at the glasses store my germs. I'm terrible with glasses. I put them in my pockets, I step on them, I throw them around with my keys. And I wonder why they are so scratched up. Well, duh.

To forge ahead with my book. I have another interview to transcribe and more to schedule. One of my teachers on the retreat is coming out with another book.  But she's not a midwife so maybe she has more time. Maybe. Although I think that's a damn excuse.

This post is so boring. I think I'll have a lie down.


Ms. Moon said...

The highs and the lows of human existence. You have just experienced them both. I am so sad to hear about your tooth. And you are completely correct in your theory. Forty-fifty years, at best. Then it's all downhill.

La, love. It's good to hear your voice.
And what a darling baby in that picture.

Jo said...

Well, that baby makes up for any mundanities you might have to write about. What a perfect soul.

Teeth. Ugh. Bastards. However, we are not so kind to them.

I'm starting to have mine pulled out. I have no dental insurance, and I don't think I could face implants anyway. I'll just have to embrace early hagdom.

Elizabeth said...

I actually love a giant photo of a newborn baby followed by gentle thoughts and musings written so beautifully. I am sorry about your tooth, though.

beth coyote said...

Dearest Mary-babies are toothless and they're cute!!

Jo-Yep, I know someone who has dentures, o lord. I hope I'm not going there..

Elizabeth-dear fat babies are my real loves.