Saturday, October 04, 2014

Slept fitfully. Most have known Lynn was running between two births while I slept. She almost called me but didn't at the end. We have a baby in the hospital, happens sometimes. He's ok, just needs a bit of monitoring.

Tonight I'm having dinner with friends. After, we're going to an improv theatre group that listens to audience stories and then acts them out. The topic-'Coming out'.

We've all got a story or two there. After watching all five seasons of 'Queer as Folk', I might actually be a gay man. I'm not sure.

I came out so long ago. Seems like a dream. Terrifying liberation. And no, dear therapist, it didn't last for six weeks. It's been forty-six years.

Is that right? Gawd. I must be OLD.

Post coming out artist I was in love with. Still am.

I left the front door wide open all night. I did.


Ms. Moon said...

It is good that hospitals are there for when we need them.
I can't imagine how difficult it must have been all those years ago to come out. Oh, the stories you and I could tell. No, I've never come out myself but still, I have stories. Not mine to tell on the internet but face-to-face- I would tell you everything.
I love you to pieces, Beth Coyote.
And WHY did you leave the front door open?

beth coyote said...

I would tell you everything too.

I think I was so tired last night, I left the door open for the dog and forgot to close it.


And bless my neighborhood. All was still here this morning. Remarkable.


Betsy MacWhinney said...

I would tell you ladies everything too.
And that was SO fun, to meet your friends and to see, live on stage, your coming out story acted out! Crock pot indeed.