Saturday, October 11, 2014

Technically, this is not possible

Did you know that you can Google castles for sale?

And one guy, the inventor of Oracle, owns 97% of Kauai. Did you know that? Some people have WAY too much money.

Where was I. Oh yeah. These are for you, Betsy dear and RK. An art installation in my hood. Couldn't find the poem though. Probably walked away because it was being neglected.

Speaking of bees, my inestimable midwifery partner Lynn had bee sting therapy yesterday for her achey knees. I don't think I'm signing up for this. Nope. Bees stung her knees. On purpose. 

It rained, O praise the weather gods on high and low. However, the tarp tied to my rafters flapped and whipped fearfully all night. Of course, the dawd had to let me know about the noise by barking frequently. I think he wants to kill me. All will be silent and then he'll bark FOR NO EARTHLY REASON, scaring the crap out of me and giving me heart attach symptoms. So I yell at him which makes him think I'M barking too. You see the dilemma? Thought so. 

By the way. Women have different heart attach symptoms than men. Well duh. And guess which group has had the bulk of the research? Uh-huh. So ladies, be warned. Here are symptoms for us girls: 

  1. Women are more likely than men to have heart attack symptoms unrelated to chest pain, such as:
    • Neck, jaw, shoulder, upper back or abdominal discomfort.
    • Shortness of breath.
    • Right arm pain.
    • Nausea or vomiting.
    • Sweating.
    • Lightheadedness or dizziness.
    • Unusual fatigue.

Love and kisses,

your friendly healthcare professional

I built my first fire in the fireplace last night. And today because I was needing to paint and I couldn't fricking find my art supplies in the mess that is the basement right now (besides climbing up and down the ladder to get to the basement), I went to the cheapy store and bought wee paints and gesso and brushes and a few pencils. And it's raining, what a delicious sound it is. 


Jo said...

Painting by the fire? Mmm. Oh, god, it's after 2am, I must go to bed.

Your Jesus in the header looks like a transman, somehow - it's a very tender depiction.

Betsy MacWhinney said...

Oh, I love the little art show! If you change your mind about bee sting therapy, Dear Beth, I can set you up.

Radish King said...

Oh gorgeous Bees. Did you get a thunderstorm tonight? It was like Jesus Heaven.

Ms. Moon said...

My thought on seeing the Jesus header was exactly that of Jo's. Transman. Of course, I have a lot of transmen in my life. And a transwoman, too. Whom I adore.
Sweet woman- paint and draw and thank you for the woman's heart attack symptoms. Every time I think I might be having a...transitive moment...I just relax and think, "Okay. This is good."
And then it passes.
But honest to god, if I die from a heart attack, it'll be all right. I think. Quick, quick. Or so I imagine.

Elizabeth said...

I've seen those heart attack symptoms for women before, and I think, can't we have those symptoms and it NOT be a heart attack. They seem so -- well -- common. But I'll be more aware, I guess. I love that you brought up bee therapy in the same post, though. You are the bee's knees.

beth coyote said...

Trnasman hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! totally.

Thanks Betts-I think I'll pass.

RK-yup, glorious

Mary-I know, I know. And that's how I'm going out. The ticker just stops working.

Elizabeth-do bees HAVE knees? Just wondering.