Monday, September 02, 2013

I'm taking everyone to the spa today to celebrate the end of our record-breaking August. All the babies are born (one from September-thank you) so we're off the hook and can go soak, steam and massage. I even made a vegan cashew cheesecake that is yum with fresh blue berries on top. For after.

Did I ever say how happy it makes me to be generous, because I can be generous? Not for a tax write-off or because I'm a gazillionaire but because I have a little extra and I can give it away. And because I lived for years on welfare like food stamps and medicaid and was terrified my children and I would end up on the streets. So now I can give back in gratitude. But I never forget. Never.


Birdie said...

When I was living on welfare and food was a luxury I said I would never forget. And I haven't. And god help me, I pray that I never do.

Ms. Moon said...

How can you forget something like that? And because your soul is a golden one, you will never stop giving. Congratulations on all your hard work, your sleepless nights, your loving hands.

Lisa said...

You ladies give me hope. Thank you.

A said...

Everything about this is beautiful, including that picture.

beth coyote said...

Birdie-How fleeting it all is, comfort.discomfort~ all in we do and witness.

Mary-XXXOOOXXX I love you girl. You would have had a blast with us today.

Lisa-XO we LOVE the baby business.

A-thank you. The photo is from backpacking trip I took last year in the Cascades.