Thursday, September 05, 2013

I woke to THUNDER and more THUNDER and rain on the skylights. Fan blades spinning from the wind. Chickens making quite a racket because they wanted to be let out of their coop to be in the rain, the cooling, delicious, wet o wet rain all around. There's another big clap-the cool front smacking into the warm front. Where I'm from, we had thunder storms so violent and wild, they would ignite the bedrooms at night with their hot white light and great crashes. Close. Streaks of lightening forking across the sky. Smell of ozone.

A midwife I hired from the East Coast recently gave notice. It was a relief. She needed to be working by herself. But. She has poached clients from the practice. Four so far. I've written a letter of outrage which sits on my counter, unsent. I'm doing my best to be a big girl about this but I woke this morning with an idea that I could write a card encouraging her to behave in a professional and kind way. An ethical way.

 I expect the best from people. I do my best to practice kindness and generosity. And forgiveness. Well, I'm going into silence on Friday for a week. Let's see what that practice reveals.


Ms. Moon said...

I am so glad you are getting storms. My chickens don't mind rain either although if it gets really intense, they do cluster up on the kitchen porch. One time I saw them all taking shelter under an up-turned Jon boat set on blocks in the yard. Yes. We are rednecks. It was hysterical- all I could see was fourteen chicken legs underneath the boat.
One does expect people to act in a professional and kind manner and one is occasionally extremely disappointed. I say send the damn letter.
I love you, Beth. I will miss your voice when you are being silent but I am glad you're doing it for you.

Jo said...

I fully recognise this is being a pain... but what if the clients wanted her? One of the most important things for me about midwifery is the choice of continuity of care.

Still... maybe that's not relevant in this case. Still... give the letter a few days. I think your card idea might have more effect, it sounds harder to ignore or write off!

beth coyote said...

Dear Mary-big ole storms, continuing all throughout the day.

The letter is still sitting there. And I love you too.


beth coyote said...

Dear Jo-not sent, no card neither. I'll go meditate and get her out of my system.


Jo said...

We can't change people really, can we? Just our reactions. So hard to learn that. I hope your last idea helped!