Saturday, August 20, 2011

Today was our Rainier Community festival and parade. AND because we're 98118, the most diverse hood in the COUNTRY, ahem, we went down there in the heat. We heard Eretrian music and watched women dancing in their long veils. We watched the Aztec dancers with massive feathered headdresses. And several Mexican dancers from different areas of Mexico. We heard the Vietnamese national anthem and watched women dressed like flowers and butterflies swaying and gliding in circles.

Someone had a basket of pug puppies for sale. No, I said, no.

It's so hot, the katz are tolerating each other and lying in the living room where a breeze occasionally comes through.


Ms. Moon said...

Did you read what I wrote here:
Bless you, honey. I am glad you had a good day.

Radish King said...

Hey that sounds like fun. Love the photo up top. Breath taking actually.

beth coyote said...

O Ms Moon, I just did. And (((())))) thank you for your kind words.

Dear R-To be a dolphin riding a big wave with your friends, right?